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Can a Mobile App Improve your Business?

March 29,2019

6 Methods Mobile Apps Improve Your Business

  1. Push notifications streamline content communication
  2. Loyalty programs proven to boost sales
  3. Simplification of online ordering through apps
  4. Manage employee schedules through and app
  5. Push notifications for discounts
  6. Manage events on and app

You’ve probably (correctly) guessed that they help to drive engagement, but aren’t you already doing that with marketing? What separates an app from emails and social media posts?

From what we’ve seen with businesses already utilizing this technology, a lot of it comes down to convenience and efficiency, both of which lead to a critical component for revenue: increased customer satisfaction.

Easily accessible content marketing: as part of your content marketing efforts, you’re probably keeping your audience up to date and stay relevant by posting your own blog posts or relevant news. With an app, audience members can choose to receive notifications for content of their choice and build a customizable feed. These notifications are less likely to be buried than an email.

Build loyalty programs: Businesses with a loyalty program often see 20% higher sales than businesses without them.  Have you ever bought something from a shop and was given a little paper card to check off on to keep track of your purchases? Chances are, that thing’s getting worn away in the bottom of your bag and you’re not a fan of having to fish it out. Even if you’re organized enough to put it in our wallet, there’s only so many cards you want to keep there anyway. An app can conveniently help a consumer keep track of their purchases and view plenty of information on their potential rewards. We’re pretty sure you can fit more on an app than on a card no bigger than your business card.

E-commerce: Whether you’re a retailer or a restaurant, ordering from an app just feels easier than having to visit a webpage.

Employee portal: Do you have a ton of employees with shifting hours? Are your employees constantly moving from one meeting to another or even from one country to another?

Push notifications for discounts: Who doesn’t love a little (or steep) discount at their favorite venue? The only thing that can make a discount better without making it bigger is notifying the consumer in time. Ever been disappointed browsing your emails (or even worse, the venue’s site) and realized you missed out on 30% last Sunday simply because you weren’t aware of it? With push notifications, consumers are less likely to experience that frustration.

Make your events more engaging: If you throw plenty of events (or just some really big, important ones), building an app just for that event or integrating it into your existing app can help direct attendees. There are multiple ways an app can make an event more fun and lively than it already is. If you’ve got plenty of sub-events going on, such as a powerlifting contest at one end of the venue and a gymnastics demonstration at the other, your attendees have quite a schedule. Even if you’ve got a paper and online schedule available, an app can send push notifications of when an event is about to start with intervals of the attendee’s choice.