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Should Influencers Have Their Own Mobile App?

May 15,2019

Social media influencers undoubtedly have loyal followings praising (or criticizing) them on social media every day. Many of us look to influencers for fashion, makeup, diet, and exercise routines, hoping to spruce up our own lives by someone who appears to be doing much better than we are. Unlike celebrities, influencers are much more diverse in every aspect including race, skin color, size, disability, and personality, giving us several options to choose from if we’re looking for someone that looks like a much fitter, glammed up, and perhaps more confident version of us.  

With the inspiration they give us, wouldn’t it be useful if some of them could have their own mobile app? But with every major social media platform already having an easy-to-use mobile app, why would an influencer need their own app? Fan services like Patreon provide paying fans exclusive content they can’t access on the free social media platforms, so where does that leave an individual, customized app? Would it benefit an influencer to have his or her own app when they already have plenty of space to share their lives and well, influence us?

The truth is yes, there could potentially be some benefit to an influencer having his/her own app. It’s difficult to describe, but we think it’s worth a try. Even though content can easily be shared on the aforementioned platforms, there’s something special about having an app just for yourself rather than being a small part of a bigger platform. There’s just something about having an influencer’s tips and other inspirational content so easily accessible and organized in a way where you can easily find the content you need.

The Kardashians have done it. Now, put yourself in the shoes of a well-known influencer or a die-hard fan. Exclusive content aside, here are some reasons in detail an app could help build follower engagement and loyalty, benefitting both sides:

Leave a place on a follower’s phone just for your name

Your name in their app section, not Patreon or Instagram’s logo. Think about it this way: right after closing Tinder, they’ll see your logo and think “So, what’s (your name) up to? It’s been a while! What’s their style/love life/random drama/diet like now?” Having your name just right there will give your followers easy, convenient access to your latest updates just in case your social media posts were buried beneath more high-profile folks, especially those with breaking news. Sure, that influencer just had a baby, but you don’t want to let that cloud the fact that you just started an agonizing keto diet you really need to share.

Customized visual design

Just like on your website, you can have your app visually reflect your personality by choosing your colors, fonts, and animations. Patreon isn’t going to let you turn your page bright pink or use glitter. Make the important details stand out even more with customized graphic and interface design. Not everyone likes Patreon and the other platforms available. Even if you’re not the one drawing the mockups, a designer will be there with you to understand all your app’s needs so you can have a piece of your personality on your followers’ phones.

Section off different lifestyle content

If your followers look to you for advice on multiple facets of their lives, then it would be a good idea to have a place to organize your content by type. Are they off to the dollar store and looking for your old dollar store haul video where you somehow found hidden gems in boring packaging? When and where did you rave about your favorite protein shakes again? Perhaps a few months ago, you posted a makeup tutorial that a follower thought was “meh” then, but suddenly feels like wearing it now and can’t remember the name?

All the above can be conveniently sectioned off on an app. Wouldn’t it be easier if they could just conveniently navigate to a “makeup tutorials” section without having to scroll through all 500 of your videos or search you up on YouTube (where you may or may not have placed it in a playlist)? And what if that awesome piece of content they’re looking for was an Instagram post and you update your feed every two hours? Save your followers from scrolling all the way back to 2013 to find that little funny clip, that cute OOTD, or that one killer workout that left you unable to walk the next day.

Convenient e-commerce platform

Do you sell merchandise? Do you want to sell merchandise? You probably already have a good e-commerce platform on your website, but sometimes your fans won’t want to open up a computer. An app can provide smooth checkout and customer service via chatbot or a number that can be dialed with a tap. After all, mobile e-commerce is big these days. You’ve probably bought products off an app before from your favorite retailers, so your fans might want that convenience and ease. Plus, an app can send push notifications so your fans can be notified instantly of your 30% off sale tomorrow or your latest drop that’ll probably sell out in a few hours.

Search for specific content

Sometimes, sectioning off the content might not be enough. An app can include a visually pleasing search function that allows the follower to search for specific pieces of content from the influencer. Say your follower’s at a pressed juicery, suddenly remember you’ve visited it, and now they want to know your picks from there. They can search “‘pressed juice” (or related terms like “green juice”) on your app and your photo from 2017 will pop up where you swore that kale and turmeric mix cleared up your horrific cold. Are they at Target and need some guidance for what to buy? They know what to do, and it’ll come easily.

Customized, aggregated feed from all social media platforms

As an influencer, you probably post on multiple platforms, and not all content will be the same. That article about your reaction to Game of Thrones probably isn’t going on your Instagram, but is suitable on your Facebook page. A loyal fan would appreciate not having to switch from app to app to see what you’re up to and to be able to receive content from a platform they don’t use.

An app can aggregate all your posts from all platforms and even have a customization option for followers who only want certain content. It’s possible someone’s a fan of your healthy recipes but can’t stand your family.

Even if most of the content that would be on an influencer’s app would be available elsewhere, there’s something special about having it all in one little package that can be unwrapped anywhere, anytime. Influencers function of lifestyle guides in several aspects of life, so it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea to invest in a resource where all that inspiration can be found and easily separated so a loyal follower can quickly find what they need.

A mobile app is the closest a follower can have to having the actual influencer by their side. An app will provide the most convenient, seamless way to pull up some tips that can be used on-the-go so a fan can learn to live like their favorite influencer wherever they go.

Get in touch with SM Innovations today if you’re and influencer with a substantial following. We can get you a personalized mobile app for your brand within 1-2 weeks and with flexible pricing. And best of all, we have strategists and designers that will do a deep dive into understanding your brand!