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Why Your Business Needs SEO

May 24,2019

When you Google something, do you only click on the first few search results? Those results are up there because someone optimized those pages to appear so highly up. This is why search engine optimization (SEO) is a must-have for every business: you're way more likely to get traffic if you're on the first page!

Why do you need SEO? Why should you hire SEO services for your business?  Why not just do it yourself and save some money?

SEO, which stands for search engine optimization, optimizes your website for higher rankings in search results. The better it’s done, the higher up your website is placed on Google when someone searches for something you provide. It’s quite clear how this leads to business growth: the more visibility, the more discovery, thus the more new customers.

Knowing this, most businesses understand it’s important to include good SEO as part of their marketing efforts. However, not all decide to hire a full-time SEO specialist or a contractor, deciding to do it themselves or delegating it to general marketing staff. Generally, this isn’t a good idea. Effective, high-quality SEO is complex and requires constant effort.  It’s usually not just something that a busy business owner can just do on the side. It’s not something you spend a few hours once a month and can set aside.

There are quite a few reasons why you should hire someone (or a team) to work your SEO for you and get your page ranking high for the keywords of your choice.

SEO can make a profound difference in how much traffic your site gets. The higher your site ranks on the search engines for relevant keywords, the more likely searchers are to click. They’re thinking “if it’s up high, it’s probably more relevant”. Whether that’s true or not, you’re most likely keeping their attention. 

That means the lower you appear on the search results, the fewer clicks you get because the user probably spent a lot of time on the first few results.  According to data, the first page of Google’s search results gets 95% of all clicks, with the first result pulling in a hefty 32.5%, followed by a mediocre 17.6% for the second result, then diminutive 3.5% for the third. As for the rest? The pattern of shrinking numbers follows.



Try hiring an SEO agency or specialist for more specialized work.  Even if you've already got marketing staff, consider this option anyway. Your marketing staff probably consists of marketing coordinators, managers, specialists, or whatever you’d like to call them. This usually means their roles are all over the place, catering to social media, content strategy, paid ads, and a wide variety of marketing tasks. 

They may not have time to learn and implement quality SEO, which could potentially tack on several hours a week. Even if you ask them to, you don’t want a reputation of swamping your employees. Because that’s what will happen if you suddenly throw in advanced SEO duties.

Time isn't the only factor working against them, but possibly knowledge. Marketing generalists may not know as much about SEO as SEO specialists. They might not want to know. SEO can read as tedious for a lot of marketing enthusiasts but as fun for others. It's somewhat more analytical than other forms of marketing and requires distinct skills and interest. Let's say that someone who’s killing it on social media and copywriting might not be the same with SEO.

Due to updates in search engine algorithms, SEO changes constantly. You’ll need someone who can devote plenty of time to monitoring Google’s algorithms and how they affect your page. Marketing in general also changes over time, so you don’t want your current staff to be carrying this load either.

Even if you don't have amazing SEO yet, you really can’t risk bad SEO. If you've got someone claiming good SEO involves “several sites linking to you because it makes you look way more credible”, “placing the proper keywords throughout your content”, and “producing consistent content such as 1-3 blog post per week”, they’re absolutely right – but it's more nuanced than that! If not executed properly, these strategies can go horribly wrong if taken way, way too far to a point that’s no longer considered ethical. Too much of anything isn’t good, especially when that excess is of low quality. So many sure you have a specialist onboard that understands these nuances.

If you think a significant portion of your business’s success depends on the discovery and usability of your website, definitely look into getting an SEO package. SEO brings organic traffic, leading to less dependency on paid ads, which means you can save some money in that department. Plus, many SEO strategies will lead to your site being much easier to navigate and read not just for search engines, but for human beings. In a way, everybody wins.

You’ve probably spent a lot of time and money getting your site built and designed, and SEO will make that money worth it. Your website is a critical part of your overall presence, marketing and your brand’s identity, so take care of it. SM Innovations now offers SEO packages from experts. Drop us a line and be seen by the right people.