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The Effects of Having Satisfied Customers

May 28,2019

It's pretty clear that happy customers are essential in having your business thrive. But to what differences can happy (or upset) customers make? Here are some ways that customer reactions influence the fate of your business.

We’ve already discussed the importance of great website design, having an app, and SEO on our blog. If you read those articles carefully, you’ll notice a common theme in them all: pleasing your consumers.

None of the above were about selling a product but more about making things easier for the humans interacting with your brand. One of the more direct ways to do that is by providing stellar customer service, which an app can help streamline. We’ve mentioned that already, so now let’s go into detail why it’s so important to have that customer service and why you should focus on satisfying your users overall. With so many avenues to providing quick, convenient customer service such as chatbots and social media, customers expect it more than ever. Especially if it’s during the hours you operate.

Evidence has shown that making customers happy doesn’t just lead to the obvious short-term payoffs, it pays off in the long run as well, even affecting revenue. Around half of customers both B2B and B2C purchased more after a positive customer service experience and stopped buying after a negative one. 88% were influenced from online reviews. And if you’ve read online reviews, you know that a lot of them mention positive or negative experiences with customer service. Some won’t hesitate to write a customer satisfaction horror story on Yelp or tweet about it.

No business is always perfect. In the event a customer isn’t satisfied, back it up with some customer service.

Quality customer service was rated as the #1 factor that led a customer to trust a brand. That customer should come quickly – a report showed that customers that received any kind of response to their social media inquiries were likely to spend more in the long run. Certain populations were more likely to remember a bad customer service experience for two years: women, Gen X, and most especially high-income households.

If a single bad customer service experience can change a customer’s behavior toward your brand for years, that gives them plenty of time to spread the word over reviews, word of mouth, and social media. The more influential the individual, the more your reputation will be hurt by their experience. You really don’t need 500,000 loyal followers hear about how your brand put them on hold for 30 minutes only to be rude and unhelpful. Even if you try to compensate with an amazing marketing campaign, someone might bring up those old social media posts.

Complaints are going to happen. When they happen, train your customer service staff to try their best in resolving it as kindly as possible, even if they can feel the customer fuming through the phone or on Instagram. 70% of customers will come back if their complaint is resolved.

Great SEO, marketing, and a mobile app will pull new customers toward your business, but it’s quality customer service that will keep them around and singing praises of how amazing you are. So why not drop us a line and build an app that can integrate that service?

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