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Mobile App for Hair Salons + Barber Shops – by Volition Software

June 02,2019

Do you have a favorite hair salon you just keep coming back to? What if it could have its own self-branded mobile app so you can book an appointment, shop products, and find the nearest location wherever you are right from that app on your mobile phone? This is perfect if you’re someone who forgets to get their hair done before a trip. If you’re a hairstylist, this is perfect for the busy ones who sell plenty of products.

Introducing Volition Software, which builds personalized mobile apps for hair salons/barbers. These apps enable clients to easily schedule appointments on-the-go with any hair stylist and it easily syncs with their calendar and vice versa, set up is included and the barber does little to no work. After the appointment, clients can use the app to pay via Stripe.

For the hairstylists, the appointments will be directly sent to your mobile’s calendar, which will notify you ahead of time when the clients are coming. You select how many minutes you’d like. For the clients, you’ll be receiving notifications right when the salon’s having some discounts. No more lamenting the 40% sale you could have shopped yesterday or the 20% off blowouts deal last week.

Hair stylists, you can use the app to set up a page for some e-commerce. Another page will have directions to your location, making you even easier to find. No copying and pasting your address into Google Maps needed.

If you’ve got multicultural clientele who may need language accommodations, we’ll take care of that. Your app can be set in whichever language you need.

Don’t worry about having a generic app. We’re flexible and can do a custom splash screen and will have your unique branding in mind. So drop us a line today and help your hair salon stand out!

Visit and get started with a free fully custom, branded mobile app for your salon!