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Salons – How to Prevent No Shows!

May 27,2019

In any life event, it’s never fun to anticipate an event only for it to never happen. In your personal life, that can mean changing your plans when your friend cancels tonight’s party at the last minute. In your professional life, this can mean losing money when your clients don’t show up. 

However, there are ways to mitigate this. No-shows aren’t always intentional. They usually happen because the client forgets or has their dates mixed up. Because of this, there are ways to ensure they will show up or at least cancel in a timely manner. 

  1. Start with an email confirmation. An email conversation is one way to archive their appointment date and should be made as soon as they book the appointment. Make sure the emails get marked as “important” and they don’t go to spam. Having the date written in big, eye-catching letters in the email is the one way to further imprint the date in their minds. Check out our company – for ways to do this.
  2. Ask for their phone number and send them a text right after the booking. Now they have another way to see their appointment date, one that may not be as buried as an email. In this initial text, you can choose to remind them of your no-show and cancellation policy.
  3. Send a second text the evening before the appointment. Just to be safe. Sometimes, clients forget after they book. A second and final text will remind them. In this text, you can ask for a final confirmation in the form of a text. “Reply with C to confirm”. If you don’t get a confirmation back, you can call or text the client. If you don’t want to be pushy, at least you’ll know who to not anticipate coming. You can choose to send this text alone without the initial confirmation text. If the appointment was booked in your app, you can send this as a push notification. Check out our company – for ways to do this.
  4. Charge upfront. If you want to be even more memorable without having to send multiple reminder texts, you can have them prepay online as soon as they book the appointment. Doing this and a reminder text the evening before could work.
  5. Allow them to set up a custom reminder. If they’re booking the appointment on your app, they can choose to receive as many reminders as they want with the frequency of their choice.
  6. Make sure their booking is integrated in their Google Calendar and their maps app. Now they’ll see their appointment when they open those apps for other purposes. This will make them less likely to forget about you.
  7. Send a no-show email. A “sorry, we missed you” email or text will let them know that they missed their appointment. Again, most no-shows are probably unintentional. Receiving this email or text will have you standing out in their mind. Maybe next time they’ll take more measures to remember their appointment.
  8. Make it easier and more convenient for them to reschedule. Allow them to do this on your app or give them the phone number in your text message reminders. Even if they could easily call you themselves, reminding them that rescheduling is just a phone call away won’t hurt. You could also have them text a certain letter or word into your automated system so you’ll be notified of their rescheduling.

No matter how many times this happens, it’s important to stay calm and not be angry at the client. Circumstances outside our control happen and sometimes there’s nothing you can do to prevent them. Even if eradicating no-shows isn’t possible, reducing them can certainly be done. And it’ll be easier with your own mobile app, so contact us sometime and let’s talk about it!

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