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Using Tech to Keep Up With Gen Z

July 15,2019

Aside from being avid TikTok users, the younger generation generally differs from the rest of us in quite a few ways. Even if you don't end up inventing a TikTok alternative, how can your business better appeal to Gen Z?

If you’re hitting us up to build an app, chances are you’re a Millennial or older. However, your generation isn’t going to be your app’s only audience. Depending on what you’re building, there’s going to be plenty of Generation Z individuals using your app — the generation born after the mid 90’s. As time changes, generations tend to differ on average with their preferences regarding marketing and tech, so you might want to take preferences of today’s youth into consideration. 

Remember the tough days without a smartphone? Gen Z kids most likely don’t. They’ve spent a greater proportion of their lives influenced by mobile apps, including influencer-rich Instagram. This may have something to do with Gen Z preferring recommendations from their favorite social media influencers rather than big-name celebrities. After all, influencers are more diverse and their lower levels of fame may make them look “closer” to us. 

What does this mean for you? It means you might want to hit up any social media influencers in your network to promote your app, but only if they genuinely believe in it. Gen Z isn’t as open to celebrities promoting anything, seeing it as not quite authentic. On the other end of the spectrum, microinfluencers and nanoinfluencers (influencers with only a few thousand followers) seem more like us “everyday folks”. Their “everyday” feel seems to have translated into high ROI, as studies show that nanoinfluencers and microinfluencers command a much higher engagement rate than macroinfluencers with hundreds of thousands of followers.

If you want to choose a nano/microinfluencer to market your app, you’ll need to choose one whose aesthetics and personality matches with your app’s branding. Choose one whose niche lines up with your app so it’s more believable they’re using and enjoying your app. Studies also show that Snapchat and Instagram are the most used social media platforms for today’s youth, so it’s important to advertise there. If there’s any way to integrate your app with those platforms, do it. For example, you can have buttons that share content from your app on there. 

It’s been found that Gen Z kids have lower attention spans, which means your app needs to be immediately engaging. You need the best copywriters, graphic designers, and UI/UX designers you can get who can put themselves in a teenager’s shoes. With a lifetime to access to technology, Gen Z won’t tolerate lag, bugs, or glitches. So make sure your developers are giving their all to a smoothly-running app. 

The technical aspects of your app aren’t the only area where you’ll have to work hard. Gen Z are picky about the companies they’re buying from. They’re highly likely to be turned away from brands that have been involved in scandals are other unethical behavior. So monitor your social media for any racist or other disparaging tweets. As society becomes more progressive and open, brands are joining in on the fight and openly displaying their values. Gen Z tends to appreciate this very much. 

You can read more in detail about Gen Z here. 

If you think this sounds a little demanding, don’t worry. If you’ve got a big Gen Z audience, your app and website should cater to that. We understand it’s important to keep up with changing times and your app should reflect that. 

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