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Why is user experience/customer experience (UX/CX) design so important?


Why is user experience/customer experience design so important?

User experience (UX) design refers to the aspect of design performed in regards to how a user feels when interacting with the system.  The more easily accessible and more user-friendly a platform is, the more likely a user is likely to stick around. A platform that isn’t designed with users in mind can leave users frustrated since they won’t figure out how to navigate your app.  

Another similar term you might have heard of is UI design. User interface (UI) design refers to visually designing the interface in a user-friendly way. You won’t have to worry about them throwing the whole app away because they can’t find the customer service line or the search function. UX design is part of the customer experience (CX), facilitating a smoother, easier process.

When we’re designing your apps, we want your users to feel welcome. We don’t want your app to be a hassle to use. We don’t want users accidentally clicking on the “shop now” button when they really meant to click “save for later”. Quality user design takes into account what users are looking for on your app, why they’re on it, and even when they might be on it. In order to learn these details, UI/UX designers conduct in-depth research into their potential audience. What are they thinking about when they use your app? What do they hope to accomplish with it? What motivates them to use it?

Sounds like quite a bit of work, right? Don’t worry, it’s all necessary and will reap great rewards. If a user enjoys using your app, they’ll come back more often and discover new products or events. Having an app that users can easily navigate just makes your brand look better and more up-to-date as well. Excellent design can increase sales by making the customer experience seamless enough. 

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