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Observations on The Customer Journey…

August 22,2019

With social media and Yelp easily accessible to everyone with a decent Internet connection, pleasing your customers is more important than ever. Anything that doesn’t please them can be easily hashed out on social media or Yelp for the entire world to see. You don’t want everyone to know of your shortcomings before they even get to you, right? 

That’s why you need to pay attention to every step of your customer journeys. Everything from your app design to your customer service should be created with your customers in mind. You’ll need to see from their perspective to weave together a compelling, satisfying customer experience. Create an enjoyable enough experience and they might publicly praise you. 

If you’re pretty profit-oriented, we’ll mention that it has monetary returns. That shouldn’t be the main reason why you’re thinking about your customers, though. Shouldn’t they deserve to have an enjoyable, seamless experience with you? Let’s delve into an overview of what the customer experience is.

The customer experience begins with the first point of contact they have with your brand, which is most likely the first time they see a piece of your marketing. Your marketing should be clear, concise, and easy to read. Your marketers and copywriters need to know what they’re doing.  Everyone needs to work together to build loyalty and advocacy. 

After that, they’ll be downloading your app or be using your site. This is when your UI/UX designers and business strategists need to step up their game. New to your brand, these potential customers need to navigate your platform easily. They can’t be searching for your email or address for several minutes. If they’re unable to find important information, they might abandon your site altogether…before buying! It’s not just that, you need to think about every single touchpoint they might have with your brand. What’s it going to be like creating an account, logging in, and saving products to their favorites? 

If you manage to keep them hooked until making a purchase, you’re not done yet! You never know what could happen after the purchase is made. Perhaps they received the wrong item. Perhaps it was broken. Anyway, they’ll need to call customer service. They’ll have all kinds of issues, possibly including previous touchpoints in their journey. This is when you listen to what they have to say and have some empathy. No matter how angry they are, use their feedback to learn what to do in the future. Use it to create more personalized journeys. 

The more positive the customer experience, the more positive the reviews. You probably don’t need any data to understand how visibly higher reviews can boost your reputation and how much others trust you. It’s not uncommon to sort results by rating. 

When we’re designing your apps, we’ll work with you to develop the best customer experience possible. Our overall approach is quite customer-driven to build ultimate engagement and usability. 

This has just been a brief overview of what makes a customer experience. Stay tuned for more of our thoughts on specific points of the customer journey! And for your specific CX needs, drop us a line at to start the discussion on how our talented strategy consultants and UI/UX team can elevate your software/branding.