How AWS Can Help Small Businesses

April 14,2020

Small businesses often don't have the budget for expensive infrastructure and other resources. Fortunately, AWS offers services that can help them function remotely AND securely.

It’s no surprise that as technology advances, businesses of all shapes and sizes are increasingly becoming digital. From the shift to physical stores to e-commerce to remote work becoming more efficient with project management softwares, many workers prefer to stay connected remotely instead of having to leave the house. As the entire world becomes more connected, many businesses are expanding globally, connecting digitally over multiple time zones.

Sounds like things large corporations would do, right? No, small businesses can benefit from remote working too! In fact, they’ve been catching up. Remote and global working is now easier than ever, requiring fewer resources. In order to do this while meeting security and compliance requirements, a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is a great fit for these needs. However, onsite VDI is usually out of budget for most smaller businesses, since they require quite a handful of upfront investments and other costs for backend management. 

You can download a short info sheet on Amazon WorkSpaces — our solution to this issue. As you can see, WorkSpaces provides a virtual desktop that can accommodate an unlimited amount of users. It has the advantages of easy, quick scalability and low-cost computing resources, and is platform-agnostic. Its pay-as-you-go model, allowing monthly or hourly billing, is ideal for any businesses that are turned off by large upfront costs. Now you don’t need to worry you won’t be using your money’s worth.

A common characteristic of small businesses are employees who wear many hats. WorkSpaces configuration is flexible, making it easy to keep up with changing employee roles and expectations. WorkSpaces allows you to customize each employee’s interface, controlling what they can install or modify. 

Data breaches can be painful, complicated, and expensive to deal with. If you don’t have a sturdy defense team on hand, you’ll want to protect your data tightly without spending too much. Your data is encrypted with the same enterprise-level security that the big corporations have. So don’t worry about a teammate logging in from a random coffee shop that barely knows how to use Wifi. Since there’s also less hardware inventory to take care of, that’s just another weight taken off you. 

AWS completely manages your servers, allowing you to go serverless. This will take off a load off your IT staff. If you don’t have the time or resources to manage an IT team, this can save you a lot of work. Multi-Factor authentication takes some security concerns off your mind as well.

Let’s summarize why small businesses can benefit from Amazon WorkSpaces:

  1. Flexible pricing: paying by the month or hour can be a better financial model for those who are unsure about how much of the service you’ll need. Perhaps one month you’ll need more cloud storage than another month. If your client base is uncertain, making large upfront costs less ideal.
  2. AWS has features that take advantage of the latest advancements in AI and Blockchain technology, giving small businesses a more affordable way to access these.
  3. It’s very scalable, able to easily handle quick business growth. If a new marketing campaign suddenly goes viral and you gain a million new customers overnight, AWS can handle it seamlessly.
  4. AWS has a massive network of servers all over the globe, allowing you to be just as worldly and globalized as a large enterprise. Even if your team only has 10 people, what if one of the best copywriters you’ve ever met lives on another continent? Now you’ll have fewer qualms working together.
  5. Migration is easy. Our AWS Certified Solution will help you transfer your data in no time.
  6. More centralized data storage means you don’t have to worry as much if one of your employees accidentally leaves their laptop in an Uber or is hacked. This takes off one of the biggest worries of remote working: losing data secured in a personal computer. With WorkSpaces, your data isn’t going anywhere, even if your employee’s laptop has been forgotten in a train for a week.

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