New in AWS: Elemental Link

May 08,2020

For around $1000, you can now have a lightweight device that connects a live video source such as a camera to AWS with Elemental MediaLive. The new device is AWS Elemental Link and it’ll simplify your on-premises equipment while improving the quality of your video streams. That’s 1060p with 60 fps for less — in multiple ways. 

Its operation is simple, only needing a connection to power, an IP network, and video source (3G SDI or HDMI). Before it’s even shipped, it’ll be configured to your AWS account and will link automatically once configured, already ready for live streaming. It’ll capture all your video, audio, and metadata and send it over to Elemental MediaLive, automatically adapting to the available bandwidth. 

It bolsters remote working, allowing you to control any number of devices with AWS Management Console. If you’re prone to tripping over cables, you’ll only need two of them here since it supports Power over Ethernet.

Elemental Link is ideal for businesses that need to livestream to audiences big and small, such as a concert venue or school. The lower costs and smaller space taken up will enable smaller businesses and events to reach their audiences more efficiently than before. Now you can feel like a news anchor at a lower cost anytime with broadcast-grade services the whole campus can reach. With the ability to generate video thumbnails every few seconds, you can be quickly alerted of any technical difficulties and compromised videos. 

Weighing in at just under a pound, Elemental Link is great for travel (once it’s safe to do so again) so you can livestream your international journeys anytime without lugging heavy equipment. 

Ready to keep connecting with your audiences while they’re safe at home? Place an order for Elemental Link, then connect with us to optimize it together. See you soon!