Improve Your Team's Remote Collaboration with AWS Chatbot

May 13,2020

Many of us are still working from home and know that remote collaboration isn't quite as simple as the in-person days. Since you're probably relying heavily on communication tools like Zoom and Slack, here are some ways to enhance those tools.

Even though many states are relaxing their stay-at-home orders, remote working is going to stick around for many workplaces. Now that we know how efficiently we can actually work from home in our pajamas, why not continue? One extremely useful tech to enhance this is ChatOps, which is enabled by Chatbot. 

One AWS service that’ll really enhance the remote working experience is AWS Chatbot: an interactive agent for you to monitor and interact with your Slack channels and Amazon Chime chat rooms. Chatbot will greatly improve how your team communicates by allowing you all to stay updated on operational events, budgets, security issues, and alerts from other applications running in AWS. 

Since you’ll be instantly notified of these updates in your chosen channels or chat rooms, you don’t have to worry about missing anything if you forget to switch applications. It’ll integrate with both Slack and Amazon Chime so your entire team can stay informed in real time at once. The notifications are formatted in a user-friendly way and are easy to read so they won’t throw you off. This centralization makes it easy and convenient to collaborate on issues right away.

You’ll have the ability to execute commands right from Slack which will make it easier for you to do this in a collaborative way without losing track of your team conversations.  AWS fully manages the integration. Don’t worry about your entire organization seeing every notification — you can set chat room-specific permissions through IAM with pre-defined templates. Notification destinations are easily specified so you can make sure your employees are getting the most relevant information.

To use Chatbot, you’ll need an SNS topic as targets to send event and alarm notifications. Chatbot works with AWS CloudWatch, Security Hub, and GuardDuty.  You can choose from an existing IAM role or create a new one from a template. Chatbot will listen on Amazon SNS to learn about events in your selected areas of interest. You can read more about the setup here.

If your team uses Slack or any chat platform supported by AWS, feel free to reach out to us to get set up. Again, the setup only takes a few minutes and will undoubtedly lead to much smoother problem resolution and remote collaboration.