How Salesforce Can Help Nonprofits Grow

May 22,2020

Nonprofits are all about helping others and giving back to communities in need. Salesforce can better help them connect to their client base and understand those needs, leading to more efficient, necessary services.

Salesforce isn’t just for the massive billion-dollar corporations — small and large nonprofits can leverage it to better serve their constituents and make an even stronger social impact. Over 47000 nonprofits, from small community-oriented groups to multinational NGOs, have taken advantage of its Nonprofit Cloud to gain better insights into their donors and clients. 


It’s pretty much the same features as what the big companies are using, but specifically tailored for nonprofits to optimize your relationships with your donors and constituents. This streamlining of pertinent information has raised donor and prospect retention by over 30%. It’s increased the amount of clients served.  It’s part of the reason why 85% of nonprofits have stated that technology is key to their success.

The platform provides a detailed overview of your fundraising, marketing, program management, client management, and technology for all your team members. You and all your teammates easily have access to information that leads you to make data-driven insights about who and what you’re working with. For example, you’ll be able to track your clients’ progress and be alerted of any incidents that require immediate attention. Gaining a deeper insight into your clients will help you provide more personalized, effective services.  

Aside from managing those you serve, you’ll be able to insightfully manage those you work with. The Nonprofit Cloud includes a volunteer management system that helps you recruit, manage, and retain the best employees for your mission. You’ll easily be able to view your volunteers’ skills and seek out the relevant training information. Prevent schedule clashes with scheduling features and free up some of your own time with automated onboarding. Once you’ve got a strong team going, you’ll be able to report on your volunteer programs so your team can collaborate on how your volunteers can best give back. 

Much of the success of a nonprofit depends on how well it can help its clients, and an in-depth understanding of the clients is key in providing the most helpful and efficient services. The Program Management Module will track any of your programs and services, no matter how complex they are. This way, you’ll gain insight into which programs are most successful. You can create new programs and adjust existing services to better match your clients’ needs. The cloud is customizable to allow you to track a wide variety of activities, such as the amount of animals saved or stuffed animals donated. Program cohorts allow for a more nuanced view into your participants so you can assign them into segments, leading to more personalized outreach.

Financial success is made much easier when you understand your donors on an individual level rather than just with their dollars. The insights Salesforce provides will help you strengthen your relationships with your donors, helping them better understand your mission, leading to increased conversions. Nonprofit Cloud helps you focus on individual donors one by one so you can build more enduring relationships. Donor data and payments are easy to enter and analyze. Once entered, you’ll be able to track their entire life cycle to identify different types of donations, such as gifts, one-time donations, or recurring donations. With a complete view of where your funds are coming from, you’ll be easily able to figure out where to focus your fundraising efforts.

You’ll be able to view the status of your grant applications and communicate with grant managers outside of email, easing up the process of coordination. When your grants are awarded, you’ll be able to view where the money is going, collect status reports, and set benchmarks. The ability to automate some tasks will free up time for your volunteers to further build relationships with donors rather than manually perform data entry. 

With an easy-to-use mobile version, you can monitor your impact from anywhere. You’ll have access to the Power of Us Hub, an online community where thousands of users share best practices.  This hub is a one-stop resource center to find plenty of resources for training and networking. Free training for your staff is provided by Trailhead. 

This has been just a brief overview of the wonders of using Salesforce to power your nonprofit. For more information, download this detailed PDF. Once you’ve made a decision, circle back to us and our Salesforce experts will help you get the ball rolling towards better service.