Why Your Business Should Use Salesforce

May 29,2020

Salesforce is one of the biggest names in CRM software. Why is it so great and why do we recommend it so much?

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that aims to centralize customer information to drive customer trust and business innovation. Its streamlining of customer data has saved millions of users plenty of time and effort in understanding and connecting with their customers, resulting in significantly higher customer satisfaction and lead conversions. It’s not surprising that companies you probably know, such as Facebook, Sony, and L’Oreal are using it every day. It’s supercharged and transformed millions of customer and business relationships all over the world.

With its data based in a cloud rather than on-premises, you won’t need to worry about having your IT staff take care of it and buy your own infrastructure. It’s extra convenient for your team members — no one needs to worry about losing data should their cats destroy their laptops while working from home. This will also decrease your operational and licensing costs and get you set up much faster than a traditional CRM, sometimes in just weeks. 

Salesforce isn’t just software, it’s a community. It comes with an easy-to-use comprehensive training platform with hundreds of educational videos complete with short quizzes to check your knowledge. With several significant benefits to employees and customers, we think Salesforce is a must-have for companies large and small. 

Here are a few reasons why we love Salesforce:

It’s convenient.

As mentioned, Salesforce centralizes customer data into a simple interface with an easy user experience. Users have easy access to customer details and their assigned tasks in one program. Such a 360-degree view into the customer allows you to develop more personalized connections with them, thus driving conversions. Users can generate updated pipeline reports with a few clicks, reports that’ll help show opportunities and their past performance.

You’ll also have access to your customer data even if you’re not in front of a computer through the mobile version. This way, you can intercept any unexpected customer issues and communicate them right away to someone who might be on their computer.  

It’s customizable with plenty of advanced modern features.

You can customize your account with a variety of highly advanced technical features to ease up your user experience. Salesforce integrates AI that can recommend actions, perform image recognition, and automate workflows. Not in the mood to type? You can talk to it with Einstein Voice. If you’ve got connected devices, Salesforce works with Internet of Things so you can integrate their data. All these services are already integrated so you won’t have to go through the tediousness of installing new software.

Thanks to App Exchange, you can expand Salesforce’s functions with a wide variety of apps. The apps can help you with accounting, data collection, contact management, or surveys. Can’t find one for your needs? Although that’s not likely, you’ll have the option to make your own! If you don’t know code, it’s okay. You have the option to create an app without using code.

It’s continuously updated.

Don't worry about falling behind the times. The massive Salesforce team headquartered in Silicon Valley is pretty committed to bringing you the latest innovations. In fact, they release new features three times a year to further improve functionality and customer satisfaction, paying attention to market trends and cultural changes. 

It facilitates collaboration.

Salesforce has a built-in chat where you can communicate with all your team members. Define your team responsibilities and positions to better coordinate with each other. You can also monitor social media mentions, better facilitating cohesion and understanding between both team members and customers. 

Even if some of your customers are assigned to other team members, you’ve still got access to their details. This makes it easy to contribute your unique insights and collaborate with your team. If they’re jetsetting to Tahiti for a few weeks, you can conveniently cover for them.  

Salesforce can also integrate with other software other teams outside of sales might be using, such as Hubspot, MailChimp, and Zendesk. This streamlined integration helps develop more transparency into the customers and enables more perspectives to pitch in, driving a stronger connection between different departments.

It promotes social good with its nonprofit version.

Small nonprofits can seriously benefit from its Nonprofit Cloud and Philanthropy Cloud. The Nonprofit Cloud is the same basic CRM, but tailored towards nonprofits to help them manage their programs and better service their clients. For more details, you can check out our blog post on using Salesforce for nonprofits here. 

It builds community.

Salesforce calls its users Trailblazers. Trailblazers have access to a ton of resources from events where they can build their networks of other Salesforce users online. In these networks, they can ask and answer questions, improving their Salesforce skills through community. 

The community includes resources for students and job seekers as well. It even has in-person meetings that take place all over the world in every continent! 


If the above appeals to you, it’s probably time to at least check it out. Since it’s a complex software, we strongly recommend getting set up with an experienced consultant. Whenever you’re ready to see more conversions and reach your customers better all while easing up your workday, drop us a line with any questions or concerns you have! Our consultants will help you set it up and show you how it specifically benefits your business.