Make Working from Home More Secure and Efficient with AWS WorkSpaces

October 02,2020

Working from home means access to company data at home. That means it's on personal laptops that are vulnerable to being attacked by pets, children, or forgetting it in an Uber. On the cyber side, your employee could get hacked or their kid accidentally downloads malware. Here's one way of keeping that data secure when you can't tell where those laptops have been.

The current pandemic has dramatically transformed the working situation for millions of employees across the globe. Working from home rather than an office has been one such notable change. While there’s plenty of positives to that, such as not having to sit in traffic, it can lead to some communicative and technical issues. After all, we still need to collaborate with our teammates and can’t just text them to come over to our desks!

One concern many businesses have is data security. Why? Well, when you’re working from home, you’re working from your personal laptop rather than a company computer, which means that laptop is vulnerable to several threats such as rowdy children, destructive pets, or forgetting it on an Uber. Losing your hard work from a disaster like that sounds like a nightmare, right? Fortunately, a service called AWS WorkSpaces will help prevent this from becoming reality.

Physical threats aren’t the only way to say goodbye to your data.  The thing is, company network computers are equipped with a high level of security that home CPUs and laptops just don’t have, leaving them vulnerable to cyber attacks, like breaches, malware, and phishing. 

Fortunately, WorkSpaces allows companies to maintain the same level of security for their employees working from home that they would have on an in-office network computer. This means your data is safe from physical and cyber threats. 

Amazon WorkSpaces is a secure, cost-effective Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution hosted on the AWS Cloud. It’s easy to deploy and integrate, taking less than an hour per user. Just like with Google Drive, cloud hosting means you’ll always have your files even if your computer was thrown out the window of a 10th story apartment. 

It’ll defend you against cyber attacks as well, even if your teammate's kid clicks on those sketchy “$50 family vacation to Tahiti” links that would allow a hacker access to private company files. So this peace of mind won’t just be for you: you can easily provide WorkSpaces for your employees, even if you’ve got hundreds or thousands of them. No upfront costs or long-term commitments are necessary, you just pay as you go and only for the services you need.

Your users will enjoy a fast, consistent, and familiar desktop experience anywhere, any time, on almost any web enabled device, whether it’s Windows, Mac,  iPad, or even a mobile phone. This gives you more flexibility in how you run your day. For example, if you decide to go grocery shopping at 2 PM and your teammate pings you to send them something you worked on, you’ll be able to fulfill this from your phone. No need to hurry home.

WorkSpaces runs pretty persistently, so if a user’s desktop or mobile device fails or loses internet connectivity, they won’t lose data and will be able to pick up where they left off. This means you won’t be panicking as much if your teammate calls you to report their new dog chewing on their Wifi router. This will seriously help your remote business run more smoothly and efficiently.

Using WorkSpaces doesn’t just offer physical security from pets, children, or forgetful employees, but offers cybersecurity as well. Data is stored in the AWS Cloud fully encrypted, even at rest, so your information is always protected, and never on an end-user’s device. This mitigates risk if a device is ever lost or connects to an unsecure network.  

It can also be integrated with your existing corporate directory, so users can securely access their Amazon WorkSpaces with existing credentials. If you use multi-factor authentication (MFA), you can integrate WorkSpaces with your RADIUS server for an additional layer of protection. All these benefits will help you keep your users happy and productive while improving and maintaining the integrity of your organization’s security posture.

WorkSpaces removes the burden of owning and managing an expensive and complex IT infrastructure, so you can focus on your business and user productivity. It’s built on the highly reliable AWS cloud infrastructure that supports mission-critical workloads for many startups, enterprises, and government organizations. 

If your business could really use all these security benefits offered by WorkSpaces, let us know and we’ll connect you to an experienced consultant who will help. If continuing to work from home is in the cards, we seriously recommend that you turn your corporate desktop environment into a highly scalable, secure, and easy-to-manage cloud service with Amazon WorkSpaces.