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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Digital Transformation

April 16,2021

Digital transformation is a broad term that includes a wide variety of initiatives, many of which results in certain positive impacts. Here's some long-term external and internal impacts businesses have already experience by taking steps to digitally connect to their customers.


You’ve probably heard the phrase “digital transformation” a few times around, usually used in a context that conveys a sense of advancement. It’s undeniable that digital transformation was a shining star of 2020 and 2021, when the pandemic kept our social lives intertwined with our phones, TVs, and computers rather than real human contact.

After some time attending virtual events sans sitting in traffic, it’s no surprise that 88% of customers expected companies to accelerate their digital initiatives. Eight out of ten companies put their digital transformation in the fast lane to respond to this. This transformation was no longer just a luxury or a way to brag, but rather essential to a brand’s success. Through adapting different technologies, brands were better able to meet the changing needs of their customers, personalize their communications and experiences, better work remotely, and a myriad of other ways of increasing customer-facing and internal efficiency, satisfaction, and innovation. 

Through working with a wide range of industries throughout these “challenging times”, here’s a few impactful, life-changing reasons why at least a part of your business needs a digital makeover so you can stay competitive and thrive post-pandemic:


Effective, engaged, productive employees.

If you shifted your employees home last year, you’ve probably embarked on some digital transformation of your own already. Even implementing project management software counts! Technology has enabled employees to work together across time zones and languages by integrating project management, verbal communication, and even (sort of) recreating that casual watercooler chat. It also expedites core internal business functions such as payroll so you won’t hear about as many missed paychecks. 

Internal digital makeovers go well beyond just Slack and Zoom. Many organizations have turned to cloud computing ecosystems such as AWS Workspaces to provide a more secure platform for their employees to work from home. 


Making more constructive business decisions in less time.

Making the most profitable business decisions requires looking at past data to move forward, but customer data comes from so many different sources, such as social media, your website, and the Internet of Things. To better integrate all these numbers, many organizations have turned to analytics software or customer relationship management systems. Some of these systems, such as Salesforce, can leverage artificial intelligence to sift through massive volumes of data and use it to make smart suggestions you might not have thought of yourself. 


A more modern, efficient, intuitive, user-friendly customer experience.

According to PWC, customers will actually pay more for a better experience, with 32% walking away after just one bad experience with your business. If you need some first-hand proof, just look up your favorite restaurant on Yelp. 

A major contributor to digital transformation is user experience design, which means hiring a designer or ten for the purpose of making your digital platform easy to use. Many digital innovations have seriously streamlined the customer experience, such as chatbots making it easier to reach a customer service agent rather than picking up the phone and listening through a long “press 4 for…” menu. 

Well-designed apps can be a pricey struggle to build, but the ROI is often worth it.  With results like increased user productivity, fewer user errors, and fewer time spent resolving issues on the phone, it’s no surprise that some kind of digital initiative can ease up the process of customers connecting with you, thus building stronger relationships that have them coming back for more. 

Again, customers are generally expecting digital innovation from you and that you’re attuned to their needs, especially during volatile times. Business has been becoming increasingly customer-centric in the past few years, and digital initiatives have been a bountiful way to serve and delight those customers.

Moving forward

If your business has traditionally been as old-school as fax machines, it’s never too late for a makeover. If you think you have the budget, tools, and staff to do so, you can start by researching software, such as a new CRM system that could expedite your current business functions and even give you some time to implement some new ones. Or maybe your business could see plenty of returns from a mobile app or a swanky new website with a chatbot that sounds like a human member of your customer service team. Digital initiatives include a myriad of options and so it’s always wise to hit up consultants like us to figure out the foundations for you!